Trade Deadline Deals – An Analysis

This year’s trade deadline was pretty quiet, but a few deals did get finalized that could have an impact on the playoff race.

New York gets:  H Jackson, $750K @ Y/E unless they win the OIFLCup Game
Virginia gets:  C Cuff, C Daoust

Thoughts: This deal works pretty well for both sides. New York wants to go for the Cup and Jackson gives them the top quality WRDB depth needed to pull it off. Virginia gets a future star in Cuff, and a WRDB who can keep the Hawks competitive in the short term while they build up for the long term.

Huntington gets:  C Pierce
London gets:  J Cain, HUN E2

Thoughts: With Pratch and Pierce both declaring for FAFFA they were going to lose one of them, at least this way they get something in return. That said, Pierce is definitely the most valuable piece in this deal. If they can lock him up long term after using the tag Huntington did really well here.

Omaha gets:  V Bloom, O Quicksilver, 2017 E1, 2018 E2345
Los Angeles gets:  D Hall

Thoughts: Following the earlier trade for dos Santos & his rise to stardom, now trading for Quicksilver the Blackhawks are now one of the deeper teams in the OIFL at RBLB. Bloom gives them a strong weapon on offense, and the picks will be a big help for Omaha’s continued growth. The Matadors on the flip side get a rookie in Hall who is primed to be a top player in a couple years, which could help with a few of their vets looking to free agency.

D.C. gets:  J Mouton, E2
Los Angeles gets:  R Franklin

Thoughts: Franklin has a ton of potential, and will make a strong successor to RBLB Carl Mason. While DC traditionally doesn’t use RBDB’s, Mouton gives the Conspiracy a versatile new weapon to utilize going into the playoffs, and if DC can keep him past the franchise tag he’ll be a top talent for years. This deal could be great for both sides.


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