Battle of Unbeatens Lives Up to Hype

When the 11-0 DC Conspiracy traveled to Austin to face the 11-0 Texas Terrors, fans of the OIFL the world over were eager with anticipation. Rarely does pro football get to see a battle of unbeaten teams this close to the post season. The commission himself was quoted calling the game “one of the bigger “record-wise” regular season games on record”. Coming into the game both teams had strong victories and were looking on top of their game, and it showed on the field. Texas and DC were the numbers 2 and 3 ranked teams respectively for average points allowed (Kansas City being #1), so many expected a lower scoring game by indoor football standards. In that respect the game lived up to expectations. On one of the first plays of the game saw DC score a safety after Van Nostran recovered a fumble in the endzone and was tackled. This play- which cost Texas start RBLB Markelle Cox for the game with a concussion- set the tone for a tough defensive struggle which ultimately led to a 32-30 final in favor of DC.

That is not to say the game lacked big plays on offense; there was too much talent on the field to contain for the whole game. After the initial setback, Texas was able to score the first two touchdowns, the 2nd of which was run by RBDB Moulton Coulier. After DC worked back into it Texas reclaimed the lead with a Jet Sweep TD run by former Conspiracy WRDB Achilles Bryon. DC then responded with a 9 yard run to the endzone by RBLB Corey Palso. Palso later added another TD run from 20 yards out, which Texas answered with a 20 yard pass when Nostran hooked up with his former Boston teammate Norm Whittington. From there, it became a battle of the kickers.

DC had a short field goal blocked. Texas then completed a 47 yard attempt, but a false start took it back and K Gary Hoffert couldn’t connect from 50 on the next attempt. This gave DC another chance, which K Brian O’Neill used to redeem himself from the blocked attempt by converting from 28 yards out with 2 seconds on the clock to take the go-ahead lead. A DC squib kick ran out the clock to finish off the game.

One team that had to be watching very closely was Kansas City, who after this week remains one of two undefeated teams following a win against expansion Indianapolis. While the Tigers will not play either team in the regular season, both are potential playoff foes- though to face Texas both teams would need to make to the OIFLCup. Another team watching closely was likely Evansville, who will be facing both DC and Kansas City in the coming weeks and could have a major say in how the East playoffs shape up. San Antonio also had a major interest, as the Texas loss helps to keep them alive in the race to win the Southwest division, though Texas would need to falter a couple more times for the Rattlers to overtake them.

Moving forward, the Conspiracy will be taking on their divisional and geographic rival Baltimore Breakers in DC’s Oculus Center, and Texas continues their home-stand against the Vancouver Island Blitz


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