The Coaching Shuffle Begins

With the playoffs underway, a story line that has nothing to do with what will happen on the field this weekend is beginning to unfold, as coaches begin hitting the unemployment line and looking for new homes.

The past week it was announced that long time head coach of the St. Louis Rush Kelvin Anderson resigned his position, with no announced plans for his future. The San Antonio Rattlers also parted ways with Offensive Coordinator Bruce Malloy. Following their parting ways with the league Kansas City’s coaching staff is available, and additional moves are also rumored, though sources cannot comment on any specific teams at this time.

As the playoffs continue to play out, it is possible that more moves will be announced by teams who haven’t been eliminated. Teams who are could make the decision to change their staffs, possibly to take advantage of moves made by other teams.

This process starts at a good time for the newly announced Osler Rebels, who now have a solid group of coaching candidates to choose from as they begin to staff their franchise.


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