Dispersal Draft Review

Thought I’d share my thoughts on how teams did in the dispersal draft. Feel free to share your own or comment on mine. I’ll likely also do a combined summary/review of Rounds 1 and 2 of the entry draft. Hope you enjoy!

Baltimore: Overall Grade – B+

Summary – Michael wasn’t the biggest name available, but this was a solid pick for a team that is building for the future as much as the present. He is talented now, and will be for a long time. He also bolsters a line that needs help if Beland and Gunn are to perform up to their capabilities. If Baltimore can lock him in long term this will go down as a strong pick.

Picks: OLDL Wade Michael

Chicago: Overall Grade – B-

Summary – With the players on the roster neither player is likely to see much playing time. Chavayda does give a talented young player to groom as a replacement for Fleming, Nash, or Graham who are all near or at the point of aging. A young trainable OLDL is always nice, but the Blues have a couple of them already so I wonder if they might have benefitted more from one of the vets available at the time. Overall though they are solid additions to the roster.

Picks: WRDB Ike Chavayda, OLDL Barry Sheldon

Denver: Overall Grade – C+

Summary – Cuff wasn’t the best overall OLDL available at the time in my opinion, but he is a solid pick for a new team looking to gather young talent to grow for the future. Westin, White and Sanchez continue that trend. Slevin is a pretty good value for where he was picked in the draft. Overall Denver may have left some talent on the board that could have helped them in the short term, but with the right moves in the future could be well off in the long term.

Picks: OLDL Charles Cuff, RBLB Willie Slevin, QB Eldriel White, OLDL Jordan Westin, WRDB Steve Sanchez

DC: Overall Grade – N/A

Summary – I’ll refrain from grading myself; anyone can feel free to judge my picks. I will say that Poley gave me some options to make moves on my OLDL without hurting overall talent too much, and Ward might be my RBLB of the future if I can keep him around long enough.

Picks: RBLB Grant Ward, OLDL Felton Poley

Eugene: Overall Grade – B+

Summary – Bieniek along with Ledbetter gives the Knights a strong young one-two punch at the RB position. Ledbetter was the only RB on the roster, so now with two the Knights may be poised to feature the running game more often. Was also a good value pick at #24.

Picks: RBLB J’Quan Bieniek

Evansville: Overall Grade – A-

Summary – Nothing but the OIFL Cup is good enough for the Fightin’ Squirrels, and with a roster beginning to age their time is now. Framed in that view especially, this is a great draft for Evansville. Both of these players provide strong depth and were among the most talented available later in the draft. If not for their age and contract values they would have gone much earlier.

Picks: OLDL Rasheed Daves, WRDB Doc Garrett

Fort McMurray: Overall Grade – A

Summary – The Fatmen had a great draft in my opinion. Walls was a great pick towards the end of the draft, and he with Kutchzinski and McMasters will slot right into the starting lineup and could stay there for a few years if contracts are renewed. Brown and Blevins give them some young receivers to develop in the future.

Picks: WRDB Gary Kutchzinski, OLDL Rozzy McMasters, QB Rusty Walls, WRLB John Brown, WRLB Tom Blevins

Fort Worth: No Picks

Huntsville: No Picks

Indianapolis: Overall Grade – A

Summary – Was one of the top players in the draft in a position of need for the Racers. Can’t argue against this pick in any way.

Picks: OLDL Mark Loiselle

Lincoln: Overall Grade – B+

Summary – Tomlinson is a good young lineman who happens to have a great long term contract. With a good camp or two he will be a fixture of the Lightning line for a long time.

Picks: OLDL Harry Tomlinson

London: No Pick

Los Angeles: Overall Grade – C+

Summary – Stoss is a pretty good young lineman, but with Mason getting up there in age and Franklin in the last year of his contract one of the RB’s could have been a better choice here. While young lineman are always good to have that is something the Matadors weren’t lacking coming into the draft.

Picks: OLDL Thomas Stoss

Maykop: Overall Grade – B+

Summary – Their first three picks currently would make up their starting lineup, and it’s not a bad group. With a good TC they could make a young respectable starting lineup. Nelson isn’t amazing in any one area, but could provide depth at WRDB, WRLB, and DS. For having no picks within the top 30, this was pretty good draft.

Picks: OLDL Daiki Takechi, OLDL Victor Shober, OLDL Gabriel Wilson, WRDB Stuart Nelson

New York: Overall Grade – B

Summary – The defending champs managed to get a quality player to help them defend the title. He’s a little aged and costly, but that isn’t a major concern here.

Picks: OLDL Bryant James

Ohio: Overall Grade – C+

Summary – With a DS group that is getting pretty old some reinforcing was needed here. While Clardy isn’t the youngest himself, he is talented which will help out in the short term while younger players are found and trained.

Picks: DS Troy Clardy

Omaha: Overall Grade – A+

Summary – Is there any argument about these picks? Maybe contract cost, but Omaha appears to be in a position to afford it.

Picks: OLDL Bill Steffey, WRDB Bernhard Schraeder

Osler: Overall Grade – A-

Summary – A couple years ago this would have been a stellar draft. This year it’s not stellar, it’s still pretty darn good. McPherson, LaCrosswell and Lewis will hold down the specialist positions for the immediate future. They’ll need replacing in a year or two, but for now they’ll help keep Osler respectable and competitive on the field. Daoust can provide help off the bench as a WRDB or DS.

Picks: QB Juan McPherson, WRDB Cyrell Daoust, DS Harold LaCrosswell, OS MiQuale Lewis

Philadelphia: Overall Grade – B+

Summary – With a much fuller roster than most new teams they had some flexibility in approaching this draft, but Philly still found some good players to add to the roster. Trudeau, Rhodes, and McGee are all good enough to possibly win spots in the starting lineup. If not, they should at least make solid contributions on the bench or fetch a decent trade return.

Picks: DS Walter Trudeau, K Tajik Rhodes, OLDL Speedy McGee

Portland: Overall Grade – B-

Summary – Pouliout is unlikely to break the starting lineup with Lowe on the roster, but he is a good young back who can provide solid depth off the bench and a little insurance in case something happens to Lowe. An argument could be made that OLDL would be the better way to go given a few older players on the roster in that spot.

Picks: RBLB Michael Pouliout

Ruidoso: Overall Grade – A+

Summary – This is a draft that could get the good people of Ruidoso excited about the new Kids on the block (sorry about that, couldn’t resist). Shanklin and Nowak instantly make this offense respectable on the ground and threatening through the air. They also will improve the defense. Right struggles with tackling but is pretty strong in coverage.

Picks: WRDB Jetta Shanklin, RBLB Burt Nowak, DS Diamante Right

Sacramento: Overall Grade – A

Summary – These two picks instantly make the Rampage a better team. Kenney is a star talent on both sides of the ball. Ginez isn’t on that level but will provide solid depth off the bench. This was also depth that they needed, so on the basis of need and value this is a win-win situation.

Picks: WRLB Joe Kenney, WRDB Stephan Ginez

San Antonio: Overall Grade – B+

Summary – His age and contract bring my grade down a little bit, but Thomas has the skills to potentially break into a pretty good starting lineup on a pretty good Rattlers squad. That makes it a pretty good pick for being about halfway down in the draft. That said, if older, costlier players were on the table there might have been some better ones available at the time.

Picks: OLDL Eric Thomas

San Francisco: Overall Grade – B+

Summary – I like this pick; he isn’t too old or too expensive and he has some talent to him. A good camp or two could push him from good to elite. If they can get him re-signed then this could be a real good pick.

Picks: OLDL Pumpkin Forest

Seattle: Overall Grade – C+

Summary – Seattle has plenty of people on the roster right now so need is tough to quantify here. There are a couple players I would call a better value at this time, but not many.

Picks: RBLB Michael D. Brake

St. Louis: Overall Grade – B

Summary – Given the ages of Maugham, Cruise and Kettlewell, Johnson meets a need pretty well. Given his talent compared to his age and contract the value of the pick is also pretty good.

Picks: DS Curtis Johnson

Texas: No Pick

Vancouver Island: Overall Grade – A

Summary – Both of these are excellent picks for a young roster like the Blitz. Henderson is nearing elite status in terms of talent, and Simpson is a young player with a lot of potential who could be real good in a couple years. With young players the key is keeping them around long enough to benefit from their growth.

Picks: OLDL DaQuan Henderson, WRDB Miquel Simpson

Waco: Overall Grade – A+

Summary – Yates gives Kirby an elite target to throw to, which the Warriors truly need. He’s beginning to get up there in age but will be a top talent for at least the length of his contract (which might be just a year, but could be more). By modern standards the contract is not even that bad. Great pick for them.

Picks: WRDB Eric Yates

Wisconsin: Overall Grade – A

Summary – If they lose him after this year it’s still a decent pick, as he’ll be a major boost on defense this year. If they can sign him to a long term deal, this becomes a great pick. He is not yet overvalued, so they’ll hope to keep him that way, and he has his best years ahead of him which is a great sign as he’s already close to being an elite DS.

Picks: DS Ryan Potter

What do you think of the draft? Feel free to comment or discuss on our message boards!


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