Entry Draft Round 1/2 Review

With the first two rounds down and the hunt for sleepers and hidden gems now about to begin I thought this was a good time to review the first two rounds of the entry draft. I decided to forgo grading here; with rookies it’s just too early to tell I think. Feel free to share your own thoughts.


Summary – Graves will need a little development to be a real contributor on the field, but in a couple years he could be a great player with some good camps. Fox might offer more immediate returns with a good rookie camp, and could be a nice addition to a young ascending WRDB roster.

Picks – RBDB Steve Graves, WRDB Gilbert Fox



Summary – Burtchaell could become a strong defender, and has the tools to contribute offensively. Could eventually play LB and DB. Holcombe is a different kind of QB from Albertini, but with training and focus could eventually be the heir apparent.

Picks – WRLB Larry Burtchaell, QB Jim Holcombe



Summary – Friedman will have some tackling issues, but could become a shutdown corner making it less of a concern. Will make some immediate contributions this year. Dulisse and Gaulke are good players to develop for the future.

Picks – WRDB Roger Friedman, OLDL John Dulisse, DS Bob Gaulke



Summary – DC focused on finding heirs for players who are beginning to get up there in age, and might have them with this class. Smyka might take O’Neill’s spot, and Lawrence & Moss will likely get some playing time off the bench.

Picks – DS JeQuavion Lawrence, QB Mark Kingseed, OS Ronconaghuey Moss, OLDL Sam Morris, OLDL Steven Czerwinski, K Stephen Smyka



Summary – Townley was a great conversion to OLDL. Kob will need some work but he has potential. Not sure if the roster will have room for Zaruka as a RB, but it could be worth a try to convert him as they did Townley.

Picks – RBLB (to OLDL) Richard Townley, WRLB Jemequaerion Kob, RBLB John Zaruka



Summary – Zilanawala is a good pick, but the Squirrels are loaded at RB. Still, I’m sure he fits into their plans or they wouldn’t have picked him. Kettelle has some growing to do on offense, but Evansville can afford to invest in him.

Picks – RBLB Amaro Zilanawala, OLDL Jim Kettelle



Summary – Osborn could be a star and should see the field this year. Phillips joins a pretty strong group of QBs, especially by expansion team standards. Could eventually take over for Walls.

Picks – WRDB Jim Osbon, QB Ken Phillips, DS Ralph Lee



Summary – Sochowicz will give the United more flexibility on defense, and Harding give them another young lineman to work on building up.

Picks – RBDB Don Sochowicz, OLDL Dale Harding



Summary – Huntington added good depth to their line here. Kern is an athletic lineman who could immediately step on the field. Taylor doesn’t have Kern’s athleticism but is a good leader and sound fundamentals. Both are good pieces for the future.

Picks – OLDL Robert Kern, OLDL Kaushik Taylor



Summary – Pauly will need to grow a bit on both sides of the line but a good camp could take care of that. Has the intangibles and athleticism to be great once his growing is done.

Picks – OLDL Robert Pauly



Summary – Graper is one of the best WRDB’s in this draft and should add some depth for the Lightning. Dowling is a great pick at the end of round 1. Munson likely needs to be a sleeper to make it.

Picks – WRDB Larry Graper, RBLB Myqual Dowling, OLDL Chuck Munson



Summary – It’s unlikely all of these RB’s make the roster, but they’ll have solid young depth at this position for sure. Pharr and Tolosa have a chance to make the roster, but Tolosa might be from the outside in.

Picks – RBLB Jack Jones, RBLB Derk Mattocks, WRDB John Pharr, RBDB Dan Albright, RBLB Chip Dennison, WRLB Carlos Tolosa, RBDB DeJuan Duffey





Summary – Maino is their QB of the future, and could potentially beat out Johns if they decide to make the future now. Arthur and Dolan will help add some young depth to the roster, and the experience will help them for the future.

Picks – QB Bob Maino, OLDL Jeff Arthur, RBLB Pat Dolan


NEW YORK: No Picks



Summary – Hagler gives them a future to replace Tyler. He might need some training but he won’t be needed this year.

Picks – OS Bud Hagler


OMAHA: No Picks



Summary – Osler has a group of vets to cover the starting lineup currently, so no one here NEEDS to play, but Tusing could contribute right away, at least on offense, and Brown gives some versatility with the ability to play TE as well as OLDL.

Picks – WRDB Jim Tusing, WRDB Donald McGill, OLDL John Brown



Summary – Philly was aggressive and got 4 first rounders, 5 in the top 40 and 7 total picks. The moves largely paid off, as they got some good picks here. Fortney I think will be the biggest contributor this year, but the others will make contributions in due time.

Picks – RBLB Rich Braskett, WRDB B Fortney, DS Jan Barnhill, OLDL Paul Alkaranafil, OS Gary Barrett, WRDB Kenneth Bush, WRDB Mywell Scott



Summary –

Picks – QB John Berger, OLDL Eltiden Long, WRDB Burt Maravich





Summary – Yergeau was a solid pick for the Rampage. With Hill beginning to get up there in age Yergeau could be an excellent replacement.

Picks – DS Larry Yergeau



Summary – The Rattlers saw some value in the receivers when their picks came. With Degan and Gentili getting into the aging part of their career some replacements will needed down the road. Knoy might get on the field first but Continenza will be the bigger star down the road.

Picks – WRDB Quan Knoy, WRDB Ed Continenza






ST LOUIS: No Picks


TEXAS: No Picks



Summary – The Blitz had 3 first rounders. Hamilton gives them another good young back, but he likely won’t see the field with Buchanan and Brawn ahead of him. Bergeron and McBride will need some more time to be field worthy but could be good players down the road.

Picks – RBDB Paul Hamilton, WRLB Bob Bergeron, DS Darby McBride



Summary – Childs could maybe make the rotation with a good camp this year. Snelson is making the switch to RB, and will need some speed work but could be good down the road. Haslet could be the best value pick, and will have time to develop behind a pretty good starting group.

Picks – OLDL Mark Childs, WRDB Bill Snelson, DS Tom Haslet



Summary – Harris will be a star in a few years with the right focus. Kinney will need to take some time but he has it right now. Good picks for a team with its best years ahead of it.

Picks – RBLB Foxwell Harris, WRDB Terry Kinney


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