Pre-Season Review: Most Improved Players

With the pre-season in the books, it’s time to take a look at who rose above the fray to show their skills, who was the most successful at improving their skills, and determine the roster of the first OIFL Press’ Pre-Season MIP Team.

First, lets look at the gains made by players on each roster:

ARIZONA: Total Earned – (0.8)
WRDB Roger Friedman (0.2)
OLDL Lloyd Ruff (0.2)
OLDL John Dulisse (0.2)
OLDL Charles Cuff
OLDL Lywon Rogers
BALTIMORE: Total Earned – (0.5)
WRDB Paul Rollman (0.2)
DS Cave Johnson

OLDL Wade Michael
OS Vincent Gerard III
CHICAGO: Total Earned – (1.0)
QB Jim Holcombe (0.4)
RBLB Dyen Johansen (0.2)
DS DeAngelo Penzel (0.2)
OS Je’Qual Kelly
DS Jim French
D.C.: Total Earned – (1.6)
DS JeQuavion Lawrence (0.3)
OS Ronconaghuey Moss (0.3)
QB Mark Kingseed (0.2)
OLDL Mario Tenore (0.2)
RBLB Grant Ward (0.2)
WRDB Matt Marion
OLDL Germarion Schulz
OLDL Sam Morris
OLDL Stephen Czerwinski
EUGENE: Total Earned – (1.3)
QB John Hunkele (0.2)
OLDL Randal Bohannan (0.2)
WRDB Jemequaerion Kob (0.2)
WRDB Pepe Silvia
WRDB Chuck King
OLDL Greg Mack
OLDL Mark Heisler
OLDL Richard Townley
DS Je’Quan Diek

RBLB John Zaruka
EVANSVILLE: Total Earned – (0.2)
RBLB Amaro Zilanawala
QB Michael Whalen
FORT McMURRAY: Total Earned – (1.3)
RBLB Art Tribbey (0.4)
DS Ralph Lee (0.3)
WRDB Jim Osbon (0.2)
WRDB John Jackson (0.2)
WRDB Tom Blevins
DS Ralph Lee
FORT WORTH: Total Earned – (0.6)
OLDL Dale Harding (0.3)
OLDL Rick Smith
RBDB Don Sochowitz
WRDB Alan Rendfrey
HUNTINGTON: Total Earned – (0.8)
DS Paul Boyd (0.2)
WRDB Rex Kuntzelman (0.2)
WRDB Del Kautz
WRDB John Jackson
OLDL Robert Kern
DS Levaughn Haywood
INDIANAPOLIS: Total Earned – (1.0)
OLDL Robert Pauly (0.4)
RBLB Raynor Baz (0.2)
WRDB Richard Hollenback (0.2)
OLDL Kwamie Weindruch
DS Spiro Pappas
LINCOLN: Total Earned – (0.6)
OLDL Louis Warren (0.2)
OLDL Chuck Munson (0.2)
OLDL James Marcs (0.2)
LONDON: Total Earned – (0.2)
QB Rudolph Zinger
RBLB Jack Jones
LOS ANGELES: Total Earned – (0.4)
WRDB Donald Avery Hall (0.2)
QB Willy Robertson
RBLB Ross Franklin
MAYKOP: Total Earned – (0.6)
WRDB Iridor Human (0.2)
OLDL Clark Abbott (0.2)
OLDL Geronimo Jennings
QB Bob Maino
NEW YORK: Total Earned – (0.1)
QB Petr Kopfstein
OHIO: Total Earned – (0.5)
RBLB William Lee (0.3)
WRDB Bob Tomlinson (0.2)
OSLER: Total Earned – (0.5)
RBLB Jack Conley
OLDL Norman Kunsky
DS Jack Schneider
WRDB Jim Tusing
K Rick Williams
PHILADELPHIA: Total Earned – (0.6)
DS Andy Plewa (0.2)
WRDB B Fortney (0.2)
QB Don Kelly
RBLB Rich Braskett
PORTLAND: Total Earned – (1.0)
OS Brad Ross (0.2)
WRDB Bert Marovich (0.2)
WRDB Balon Arryn
WRDB Maurice McSwain
RBLB Sam Phillips
OLDL Eltiden Long
OLDL Patrice Cirspinski
DS Brad Ross
RUIDOSO: Total Earned – (1.2)
DS Mario Hernaiz (0.2)
QB Benjaymond Cannon (0.2)
RBLB Burt Nowak (0.2)

OLDL E. Guidetti (0.2)
OLDL David Prettenhoffer
OLDL Gordon Duffield
OS DuQuavion BrownLee
DS Mario Hernaiz
SACRAMENTO: Total Earned – (0.8)
DS Larry Yergeau (0.4)
OLDL Cann Blitzem (0.2)
OLDL Will Blitzem
WRDB Stephan Ginez
SAN ANTONIO: Total Earned – (0.7)
WRDB Ed Continenza (0.4)
OLDL Bill McNeely (0.2)
WRDB Quan Knoy
SAN FRANCISCO: Total Earned – (0.4)
WRDB Jonathan Oakley (0.2)
WRLB Vernon Burkhead
WRDB Marq Torres
SEATTLE: Total Earned – (0.6)
OLDL Duane Prewitt, Jr. (0.2)
QB Demarion Poole (0.2)
OLDL Bruce Hayden
WRDB M.J. Rose
ST. LOUIS: Total Earned – (0.8)
K Tony Maloloyon (0.3)
RBDB Dave Formento (0.2)
QB Shane Bollings
OLDL Skip Svarth
OS Piedmont Moss
TEXAS: Total Earned – (0.6)
WRDB Domingo Domenech (0.2)
WRDB RiQuan Peck (0.2)

OLDL Wilfred Laurence

QB Pete McLeod
VANCOUVER ISLAND: Total Earned – (1.7)
DS Allen Gerard (0.4)
OLDL Jack Wreight (0.3)
RBLB Billy Brawn (0.2)
OLDL Gust Richards (0.2)
OLDL Ray McIntyre
WRDB Danny Darrington
WRDB Miquel Simpson
QB James Bordain
DS Darby McBride
K Luis Galarza
WACO: Total Earned – (1.0)
QB Stan Kirby (0.2)
WRDB Ken Wortman (0.2)
WRLB Wayne Dodge (0.2)
OLDL Mark Childs (0.2)
OLDL Norman Dickerson

RBDB Gubb Karter

WISCONSIN: Total Earned – (0.3)
QB Kimane Domena
WRDB Juwon Mack
OLDL Mantis Toboggan
The biggest winner of the pre-season appears to be Vancouver Island (1.7), followed by DC (1.6), Eugene and Fort McMurray (1.3 each), Ruidoso (1.2), as well as Chicago, Indianapolis, Portland and Waco (1.0 each).
The least fortunate teams this pre-season seem to be Omaha (no improved players), New York (0.1 total team improvement and injury to RBDB Reid), Chicago (injury to DS Penzel), Ohio (three pre-season injuries)



With all the improvements tallied up, next let’s take a look at the Pre-Season MIP (Most Improved Player) Team, made up of the players in each position who showed the most improvement over camp. Priority was given to who earned the most improvement, but in the case of a tie priority was given to the perceived likelihood that the player would make and have an impact on their team in the regular season.

OIFL Pre-Season MIP Team:

(* = tied with other players not on the roster for most improved)

QB: Jim Holcombe (CHI – 0.4)
RBLB: Art Tribbey (FM – 0.4)
WRDB (2): Ed Continenza (SA – 0.4), Roger Friedman* (AZ – 0.2)
OLDL (3): Robert Pauly (IND – 0.4), Jack Wreight (VAN – 0.3), Dale Harding (FW – 0.3)
OS: Ronconaghuey Moss (DC – 0.3)
DS (2): Allen Gerard (VAN – 0.4), Larry Yergeau (SAC – 0.4)
K: Tony Maloloyon (STL – 0.3)

Honorable Mentions are also being given for these players, who are expected to be major players on their roster and made good use of their time this pre-season.

QB’s Demarion Poole (SEA – 0.2) and Stan Kirby (WAC – 0.2) – These two young starting QB’s set a great example for their teammates coming in and making best use of their time in camp.
RBLB William Lee (OH – 0.3) – Lee will be in the starting lineup this year from day 1, and did nothing but assure Commando fans that he will excel in Hice’s old position.
DS’s JeQuavion Lawrence (DC – 0.3) and Ralph Lee (0.3 – FM) – These rookies will be getting some good time in the defensive backfield from day 1; Lawrence as the top backup on a contending DC roster, and Lee as a starter for the expansion/returning Fatmen. Their pre-season performance will give coaches, teammates and fans comfort that they can do well in this vital role.
The Blitz were the only team to have two players make the MIP Team roster. If you count the honorable mentions, then Vancouver Island would be joined by DC and Fort McMurray. While most of the MIP team will only see the field as reserves barring injury, multiple starters made the honorable mentions list, which has to have their coaches and owners pretty pleased.
Each week, 28 players were noted for their significant improvement. The results of the pre-season show that six players were recognized for their significant improvement in both weeks: QB Jim Holcombe, RBLB Art Tribbey, WRDB Ed Constineza, OLDL Robert Pauly, and DSs Allen Gerard and Larry Yergeau. All told, 50 players received this recognition during the pre-season. League insiders are curious to see how many of them make their respective rosters, and hope to determine how many of them made it (at least in part) due to the recognition.


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