2018 Entry Draft Class Preview

The newest crop of players have all declared for the 2018 Entry Draft, so let’s take a look at the cream of this year’s crop. Note that we are looking at players in their listed positions- not projecting any position changes- and that the players in each position are not necessarily ranked in order.

Check back at a later date, when we unveil the 2018 Mock Draft for Round 1!

Top 3 QBs:

  • Larry Campos
  • James Marple
  • Pat Sweeney

Campos and Marple are both old-fashioned drop-back QBs who are natural leaders but not the quickest on their feet; Campos is currently equal to or a little above Marple in most respects. Sweeney is an intriguing option for his quality arm and athleticism (the latter is hard to find among this class), but has demonstrated leadership issues in college.

Top 3 RBs:

  • Roger Schneider (LB)
  • Rod Yount (LB)
  • Kawan Ishner (DB)

Ishner may be the most intriguing due to his skills throwing the ball, and he has it where it counts to run the ball and cover. Schneider is currently the most game-ready RBLB, but Yount offers more versatility and has a bit higher ceiling.

Top 3 WRs:

  • Robert Dangola (DB)
  • Alquan Lund (LB)
  • Renny Taylor (DB)

This is a strong group, and all three could be major players in time. Dangola needs some speed work to be a starter by modern OIFL standards, but could easily contribute from day 1. Lund could play LB or DB with the right focus, and may be the biggest star of the bunch when all is said and done. Taylor is not far behind either of them.

Top 3 Linemen:

  • Robert Heller
  • John Borrisen
  • John Osley

Heller has both star potential and short-term value as someone who could play from Day 1. Borrisen is more of a long-term prospect, while Osley could possibly play quickly but doesn’t have the same star potential.

Top 3 DSs:

  • Carmelio Menechella
  • Antoine Eyer
  • Hans Boldt

Eyer and Menechella are the top two here, with Menechella having more LB-esque skills than Eyer (who’s more of a cover corner). Boldt could step in quickly with some training at corner, but doesn’t have elite skills beyond coverage.

Top 3 OSs:

  • Omotade Adeniyi
  • Martin Frank
  • Stefan Cavaluz

Adeniyi is by far the best prospect among this group, and could immediately step in for a young team. The others all have some deficiencies which would require some training to overcome.

Top 3 Ks:

  • Werner Brielmeyer
  • Karl Koepke
  • Bob Carol

Brielmeyer is the only kicker in this year’s class likely to be able to competently be the guy for a team in 2018. Koepke could be an intriguing long term prospect with his speed and skills; he would give additional options for trick plays in the special teams game. Carol could be good in a couple years with training.


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